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  5. "The Klingon eats the soup."

"The Klingon eats the soup."

Translation:chatlh 'ep tlhIngan.

July 10, 2019



does the difference between 'ep and Sop refer to the difference in what is being eaten, or the manner in which it is eaten?


Both. chatlh is any kind of thick soup — stew might be a better translation. You 'ep it. You Sop more solid food, and you tlhutlh liquid. 'ep involves an action kind of like slurping, though it doesn't necessarily mean you're being noisy about it.

Remember also that all food is eaten with hands, no utensils, so when you 'ep something you're probably not using a spoon to do it. You drink it from a Duq small bowl.


So then let's say, for example, Turgal was really into his gagh. He's eating it by tipping the bowl directly into his mouth. Could I say qagh 'eplI' turghal, even though it isn't a soup?


No. The type of food is still important. You 'ep only things with the consistency of chatlh.

But imagine you put chatlh into a cup and managed to swallow it without any difficulty, as if it were a drink. I guess that some Klingons might be tempted to call that tlhutlh.

And you don't tip qagh into your mouth, you barbarian! You pick it up with your hands, as every child knows! ;)

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