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  5. "ya" being romanized as "ii"


"ya" being romanized as "ii"

i was doing the arabic lesson and it said ي/ya was "ii"? i am a "native" speaker (it is my first language i guess you could say) and my family speak it, and they said it was "ya" too, is this a different dialect of arabic or a mistake?

July 10, 2019



i have been studying arabic since 1st grade, and when the letter before a ى/ya has a 'kasra', the ى makes an 'ii' sound, ex: بِى would make a 'bii' sound. I think this is what you are trying to get at.


Yep right on point. It's called a madd.

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see, this is why i like using accents (í) rather than doubling the letter... it's confusing :)


oh? okay, thank you


The ي is both a long vowel consonant, depending on the context. As vowel, it is ii, as consonant it is ya, and the name is also ya, if I am not mistaken. Actually, the course is doing a pretty good job in practicing this distinction. It is similar with the wa و, which as a vowel is then the long u (written as oo like in boot).

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