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"Seth does not have a t-shirt."

Translation:لَيْسَ عِنْد سيث تي شيرْت.

July 10, 2019



There's a mistake here. If you're going to put Seth at first you will say "سيث ليس عنده تي شيرت" But if you're not going to start the sentence with Seth you say "ليس عند سيث تي شيرت"


the typo suggestion سيث ليس عنده تي شيرت cannot be built from the provided word tiles.


I wrote a wrong answer سيث ليس عند تي شيرت
why it is considered correct ?


Technically, either is correct. When speaking, you will likely never hear someone say "lisa 3nd Seth", instead you will hear "Seth lisa 3ndo t shirt". Duolingo is teaching MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) rather than colloquial Arabic that you will hear spoken.


سيث ليس عند تي شيرت this isn't correct
It means «Seth is not (in/with) t-shirt»


Hes got a skirt, but no t-shirt? He should have gotten a dress. Or he does have a blouse? Let's see if we'll find out.

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