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  5. "اَلْكَلْب كَلْبي."

"اَلْكَلْب كَلْبي."

Translation:The dog is my dog.

July 10, 2019



How would you say 'The dog is mine' (it wasn't accepted)? Thank you!


Actually, it should be accepted. I reported it already.


It wasn't accepted because that's not the pattern Duo was going for. The teacher is a teacher. The professor is a professor. The dog is a dog. Now adding possessive pronouns: The dog is my dog. It's just a dumb teaching sentence.


But the Arabic does not sound like a dumb teaching sentence. It's something an Arab would actually say. Hence why translating it to a dumb teaching sentence in English is misleading.


Can you say "the dog is mine" without repeating the word dog? Perhaps this is what is being taught.


You could say something like الكلب ملكي ("The dog is my property."), but the thing is Arabic is quite fond of repeating words like that when in English it would sound redundant, so translating this as "The dog is mine" flows quite naturally if you consider the rest of the language, you know. The -ii ending, which means "my," needs a noun and can't stand alone, so you have to either repeat the noun or use another noun. That's not the case in English: "mine" can stand alone.


Grew up in Saudi Arabia and, interestingly, the local dialect has a word for it - "haggi" (Note: The letter "qaf" or "q" is pronounced as "g"in many gulf countries).

I mean, it literally might translate to "my property" but it sure is used in the same context as the English word "mine"


The dog is mine : الكلب لي


"The dog is doggish"?


Good to know, but the bird is my bird, :P

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