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  5. "عِنْد شادي كَراج."

"عِنْد شادي كَراج."

Translation:Shadi has a garage.

July 10, 2019



Garage has basically four variants (since the IPA symbol /g/ does not exist in Arabic), only by using Arabic standard letters:

"gharaaj" (غراج): Used often in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. "karaaj" (كراج): Used in most of Mashriqi countries (except by Egypt), and sometimes in Morocco. "garaaj" (جراج): Used mostly in Egypt and the Levant. "qaraaj" (قراج): Used mostly in the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya), and the Arabian Peninsula.


جراج sounds like Jaraj not gaeaj


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Does the pronunciation for عِنْد change for the gender of the subject? For the sentence "Omar has garage", عِنْد sounded like "aind", but for the sentence "Judy has a house", عِنْد sounded like "aind-a".


No, it's always aind-a


Aindaha for females. عندها


I am so confused with this.


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My answer is correct... Why you state it wrong


It looks, for the position of the verb in the beginning of the sentence, that it's a question. An I right?


Nope, Arabic has a VSO word order.


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