"Is Lama an Arab French engineer?"

Translation:هَل لَمى مُهَنْدِسة فَرَنْسِيّة عَرَبِيّة؟

July 10, 2019

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I said, I knew no Arabic. That is correct. However, I studied Arabic briefly in 1957 (probably long before most of you were born). That is how I remembered that I start a question with "hal"--but I am not even sure of that. Should I make notes while doing these exercises? Because I remember that "engineer" has come up before. Also, why do you not transliterate the name as "Rawaad" since there is an Alif after the Wa?


It's probably a good idea to take notes and also get a basic grammar or two as a way of progressing a little at a time.


Could someone explain to me why there is no "m" letter in لَمى ?


There is. It's a medial mim. Arabic letters have different forms depending on whether they are isolated/ independent, initial, medial, or final, which is common to Semitic languages. You will get used to it with persistent practice, but it can be a curve-ball when first starting. Have a lingot for your bird photo.


There is " م"


These supposed lesson reviews at this juncture are vexing, confusing, and highly discourageing because a good percentage of the material is advanced and were not previously covered in previous lessons. For example, engineer, Holland, Scotland, have not previously been taught. Why are new vocabulary words being sprung in the context of what ostensibly should be a review?


why "hal lama arabiyah faransiyah muhandisah" is wrong?


Because the subject (here muhandisa ) always come before the adjectives. Since there is no verb "to be" in the present tense, the subject needs to be followed by the noun that defines it. For example in the sentence "A rose is a beautiful flower": "a rose" is the subject, "flower" is what defines "a rose" and beautiful describes the "flower". If you say Hal Lama Arabiya... then you are asking if Lama is first arabic than all the rest, whereas you want to know if she is an engineer, that's why the adjectives come after the noun. I hope this clears things up.. good luck with the rest


لماذا خطاء

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