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"غَسّان إِنْجِليزِيّ لُبْنانِيّ."

Translation:Ghassan is Lebanese English.

July 10, 2019



Why translation with indefinite article is wrong :/


Sometimes duolingo transposes the position of the nationalities. It is not consistent.


Duolingo accepted "Ghassan is an English Lebanese" but did not accept the nationality word order I wrote in this section in another question. I don't get it.


I don't think Duolingo should have accepted this. "Lebanese" is not a noun.


Ghassan is a Lebanese English Is the correct answer. What the app says is wrong


If you're using the indefinite article, then surely you'll need a noun, so he would be a Lebanese EnglishMAN? As for word order, I think there are transatlantic differences. While I can't speak for the UK's Lebanese population specifically, I'd say that while US usage would put "American" last, the UK and its constituent parts would often put the more recent nationality first. Not always, but often. In this particular case, both versions sound natural to me.


My answer had a typo


When she speaks i listen sound of dogs and some other things do you app good


"When she speaks i listen sound of dogs" - I suppose you mean "When she speaks I hear the sound of dogs", but I don't understand the rest of your sentence.


"There is sound of dogs barking in the background", i think this is what they are trying to say!


OK. What about "and some other things do you app good", particularly the last four words?


Guys got a question If Lebanese is adj. English is adj. Too So we can put them in every order we want right ?

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