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  5. "مُعَلِّم سَهْل وَلُغة سَهْلة"

"مُعَلِّم سَهْل وَلُغة سَهْلة"

Translation:an easy teacher and an easy language

July 11, 2019



The speech is fast for me, even after having listened to it several times. Without the writing, I would have no idea what was being said.


there is turtle speed too


Only with a few sentences. This sentence did not have turtle speed for me. It would be nice if they would be turtle speed for all sentences. It would be even nicer is the TTS system didn't pronounce any words incorrectly.


Having lived in Oman and Saudi Arabia, I think this course is a fair attempt at teaching someone like me to be able to converse. Refinement will come during actual interaction, though there are differences in the way people speak in different regions.


What is Saudi Arabia like.


I lived ksa (kingdom of saudi arabia) for 8 years in it's capital city- Riyadh and moved back to india for higher education in grade 9. Not entering the work society meant that I could live without having too many interactions with the Arabs. I went to international indian school, lived in indian community, went to places of recreation where indian (and Pakistani's) gather and rarely ever interacted with arabs. The jndian community in arabia is pretty strong in terms of population, so you'll hardly ever feel lonely except if you went to remote areas. My experience of it was pretty good. It felt like a mini India where I interacted with people from different states of India which increased my knowledge and exposure to it's rich and diverse culture as opposed to when I am really staying here where everyone pretty much is the same (with few exceptions). Also the Arabs are pretty friendly to outsiders and won't often show much aggression or hostility ( very rare scenarios). Some people might not like living there as they feel that the vompulsory wearing of abaya (hijab / loose black garment that hides lady's figure) is bothersome or how there's not much freedom/independence for women living there. Personally tho it's just like wearing a coat when outdoors, you can wear whatever you want indoors/ in private. Arabs are usually really respectful to women and crime rate there is really low. Though MBS is really irritating and has created vaious unfavorable laws towards immigrants, it's still a great place to live in.


It would be better to teach full sentences, I think.


Yes, Dave168907, particularly since they label these noun phrases "sentence"! It would be nice if the three people who downvoted me explained why they did so. I can only suppose that they think it would be nicer if "noun phrase" were renamed "sentence". Why?

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What is an easy teacher?


who gives good mark eaily


NOT "an" simple language. "A" simple language.


My answer should have been accepted.


It can be replaced with simple


Why cant we translate لغة into (word),instead of language???


Does لغة ever mean "word" in Arabic? Isn't that more of a Persian phenomenon (i.e., لغت/loghet "word") and languages affected by it (e.g., Urdu)?


Lughat means dictionary in our language (urdu) and i was a bit confused


It is a confusing sentence


It's not a sentence.


This sentence comes so many times.I'm so annoyed,it's like the 10th time i'm hearing this.


An easy teacher is nonsense. No such thing unless loose moralled


Why do I not hear the L in "مُعَلَّم"?


Now how can anyone tell you why you can't hear something? It is there, I can hear it. Just keep listening, maybe not today, but after a few more weeks of getting used to the sounds.


even if i do it backwords its hard

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