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  5. "Who is his child-in-law?"

"Who is his child-in-law?"

Translation:ʻO wai kāna hūnōna?

July 11, 2019



what is the difference between kāna hūnōna and kona hūnōna?


The possessive word should be A class (rather than O), because the relationship of makua to hūnōna is one of "parent" to "child". So the possessive word is kāna rather than kona.


so why was kona marked correct just now? (maybe if it's a beloved or special relationship????)


Truthfully, I would accept either though I would encourage haumāna to use A class for this relationship. But the reason kona is accepted right now is because there is a bug in the Duolingo system that allows it to be, I suppose because it is only one letter off. It has not been listed as an accepted answer by the Hawaiian team.

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