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  5. "اَلْمُعَلِّم أُرْدُنِيّ."

"اَلْمُعَلِّم أُرْدُنِيّ."

Translation:The teacher is Jordanian.

July 11, 2019


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Jordanian teacher is not accepted, so how it is said?


Jordanian teacher would be said: إستاذ أردني or معلم أردني Sorry I can't write harikat for you, they take ages to type


Alright thanks for explaining


"The Jordanian teacher" was not accepted.


This sentence is what is called خبر in Arabic grammar it is a basic predicate sentence and is marked by an indefinite adjective following a definite noun (a definite noun is one that has the أل prefix or a possessive suffix example the following sentence means "the dog is big" الكلب كبير to say "the big dog" one must write الكلب الكبير Another example of this form would be this sentence meaning "your house is old" بيتك قديم This is an example of possessive pronoun suffixes marking the definite form


Very clear answer, many thanks


Ghaiths3id111213 how in heavens name do you know how to explain the grammar this way? Minfudluk, what is your level of education?


is it wrong to translate it as "the Jordanian teacher" ? the app sees it as a mistake.


Yes, it is wrong.

Remember those people who comment on sentences like الباب باب (The door is a door) and say that it is a Duo nonsense to teach us a silly sentence like that?

Now you know why you need to learn "The door is a door" thoroughly so you don't make mistakes like above.

For records, "The Jordanian teacher" = المعلم الاردني.

Hope this helps.


How about this sentence: معلم اردني Does it also mean "the Jordanian teacher" ?


That would be "a Jordanian teacher"


Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining :)


thanks for helping me :)


A bit harsh Aaron! Think of it this way, when you see the word 'ال', in English replace it with 'the'. So 'المعلم' is now 'the teacher' and start your sentence like that. المعلم ذكي becomes 'the teacher IS smart. معلم ذكي should be 'a smart teacher'. If you don't see the 'ال' , think of it as an 'a' or 'is'. So in this example: المعلم أردني 'the teacher' (is) Jordanian. In Ghaith's example about the dog: الكلب الكبير. The dog, the big (one) would be the same as saying 'the big dog'! Not an Arabic speaker at all, but hope it helps.

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