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  5. "Where is Carrie?"

"Where is Carrie?"

Translation:أَيْن كَري؟

July 11, 2019



You are springing new words on me without so much as an introduction. Could you at least present them in bigger typeface so I can read them easily for the first time, and perhaps a spoken pronunciation to help? The best option would be that plus a gloss in English if you reach such levels of courtesy and kindness.


Hi! Why not add the "read out loud" option to this kind of question? Sometimes you can guess right only knowing one of the words...


There's no way i can read the marks when they're this small.


Shouldn't there be a يا before carrie?


No, يا is only used when addressing someone, not when speaking about them


For the love of Duo, make the font bigger. It needs to be at least 2.0x of its current size. Yes, I already reported it in the in-game Report Button.


Is the word order the other wrong the other way around?


Why is this given to me as a hard question at the end of a lesson? There were harder questions earlier in the lesson than this.

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