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  5. "سيث لُبنانِيّ."

"سيث لُبنانِيّ."

Translation:Seth is Lebanese.

July 11, 2019



I'm almost positive there should not be the -in suffix on Siith. These don't tend to go on foreign names (and it would be -un, not -in, in any event)


You're correct, the nunation suffix does not go on foreign names. Seth/Seeth, however, is an Arabic word. I did a little google research. Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. Though he was not mentioned in the Koran, he is an "anbiyah prophet" and was/is spoken about and written about in Arabic literature.

I tried to look up the name in four Arabic names for boys lists but couldn't find it.

Also, the nunation should be "-un" here and not "-in". "-un" is nominative/subjective while "-in" is genitive/possessive.


Seth is pronounced as sayeed


I wrote saith instead of seth:)


Seth Lubnaaniyy.


grrrr. i'm missing out on the people's names...the other more important stuff i'm getting rightf!!

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