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  5. "This food is very delicious!"

"This food is very delicious!"

Translation:Hū ka ʻono o kēia mea ʻai!

July 11, 2019



(manomano word link) https://manomano.io/definition/9292

[PE] 1 nvi To rise or swell, as yeast or souring poi; to ferment, leaven, overflow, percolate, effervesce, boil over; to surge or rise to the surface, as emotion; to gush forth; rising, swelling, outburst. Cf. huaʻi. Perena hū ʻole, unleavened bread. Hū ka ʻaka, to burst into laughter, guffaw. Hū ka pele, to pour forth lava, erupt. Inā hū aku kou ʻuhane i ka po ʻe pōloli, if your soul has compassion for the hungry people. Hū mai ke aloha no ka ʻāina, love for the homeland swells forth. He hū wale mehe wai lā, unstable as water. hoʻohū To leaven, cause to rise, inflate, swell, overflow; yeast, baking powder.

Hū ka ʻono o kēia mea ʻai! = (literally): This food's savoriness gushes forth! = This food is very delicious!

(Literally) The tastiness of this food overflows! = This food is very delicious!

[deactivated user]

    What is difference between hu ka 'ono and ka 'ono loa?

    [deactivated user]

      Why is there an "o" before "kēia?"

      • 1129

      o = of in this case (not to be confused with 'o)

      Oops, I see deactivated user, but maybe this is helpful to someone else!


      Why not "ʻOno loa kēia mea ʻai!"


      Works for me!


      Nui ka 'ono kēia mea 'ai. that's my answer. but duolingo says NO.

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      You're missing something- like o. Nui ka 'ono o kēia mea 'ai


      Yep, duo lingo still gipping me.

      [deactivated user]

        Ha! Maybe because nui ka sounds like too much pidgin for 'ono.


        Wow, the deliciousness of this food!


        Why can't it just be 'ono kēia mea 'ai (this food is delicious) instead of ka 'ono o kēia 'ai (which is more like the deliciousness of this food...?)

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