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  5. "اِمْرَأة ذَكِيّة"

"اِمْرَأة ذَكِيّة"

Translation:a smart woman

July 11, 2019



What the "atoon" in the middle of the phrase


The "...atun" ending is the feminine ending for the nominative/subjective case.


But it's not written? no تُن


No. It's written the way it is at the top of the page with the letter "taa marbuu Ta", which is the last letter of the first word.


It sounds like "imra 2atun" sound instead of "imra a2un". Is duo trying to tell that for indefinite nouns ending in "a", a "tun" sound has to be used instead of "un". Or is it simply a mistake?


No, it is not a mistake. The feminine endings, that end in the "a/ah" sound, will sound like "...atun" when the nominative case endings are used.


Does this mean that the woman is intelligent, or that she's dressed formally, or (like in English) both?


This means intelligence!


Hi, Gunny! Glad to see you here. Do you know if, and when, corrections to the TTS recordings will be made, or are things just going to be left as they are?


I don't know what is normal English where you are but in my English, we would say a smartly dressed woman not a smart woman if we were referring to how she dresses. Regardless, the phrase is outdated. If I heard somebody say "smartly dressed" I would think they were either being funny or they are a bit pretentious.


Women this is how it is spealt. You spell as 'woman.'


Duolingo is correct. Woman is singular (1), women is plural (more than 1 woman).

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