Does anyone else think more skills for Arabic will be released now it's graduated out of beta?

Looks like Arabic graduated out of Arabic - within 2 weeks of its release into beta. I have a feeling this could mean that work is being done to release more skills for the Arabic course, as I don't think it's possible to add new skills until the course has graduated out of beta. What do you all think? I hope we get to see some new Arabic skills soon :-)

July 11, 2019


More Arabic skills will probably be released in time, I mainly use Duolingo for Spanish and they expand the tree every now and then.

July 11, 2019

It’s a fun course. I’d like to see expanded tios and notes .

Early on we could use a lot more explanation.

It will be great to have some speaking exercises.

To have the words tab active and a hit link to the dictionary would be nice

July 11, 2019

Yeah hopefully we'll get some more tips and notes soon. They've updated them twice since the course was released - first up to 16 skills from 13, and then up again to 22 skills.

What do you think is missing from the tips and notes that would be good to expand on?

I'd like to see some skills on making plurals, and learn to make some fun sentences on which to build a strong foundation to learn Arabic from. I think my favorite thing about the course is how they've taught the alphabet - placed it throughout the course which I found helped me a lot with learning the alphabet. I hope the course gets expanded upon to teach more Arabic grammar, and to teach me to talk about the past and future.

July 11, 2019

well, the question about 3 and ع is getting asked a lot. It should probably be explained earlier in the course. It doesn't get addressed until topic 10 but appears early on.

the tips and notes so far are very short and don't have much info.

I'd like to see the whole alphabet with romanization included in the first lessons. Maybe talk a bit about typing and how we add the diacritics but maybe there are too many variations? And of course we figure it out on our own so maybe it's better to have a little less info.

I end up doing about 80% of my language studies using other resources and then come here to play the duolingo games and more or less test the progress.

But in the Russian course the tips and notes are so good and set the bar so high that I always feel a little something is missing in the other course tips and notes departments.

Not going to complain though. Being able to learn Arabic anytime and anywhere is like living a dream. Who would have thought 40 years ago that we would be learning this way?

July 11, 2019

As a non-native speaker of English I found it rather useless to have the difference between ث and ذ explained by reference to English words starting with 'th' as I never know which are voiced and voiceless. The explanation does not even mention the voiced and voiceless is the difference.

July 11, 2019

Ah I can explain the difference between voiced and unvoiced. It's the difference between p and b, or t and d. You should notice when you say t that you puff out some air, while if you say d you don't. The same's true for b and p, with b being voiceless, and p being voiced. Hopefully that helps explain it

July 11, 2019

Weird. When I do lessons, it still has the Beta flag in the upper left of the screen.

July 11, 2019

Mine does too.

July 12, 2019

It would be really nice if there were verbs in the course lol...

July 12, 2019

They need to add verbs

July 13, 2019
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