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Does anyone else think more skills for Arabic will be released now it's graduated out of beta?

Looks like Arabic graduated out of Arabic - within 2 weeks of its release into beta. I have a feeling this could mean that work is being done to release more skills for the Arabic course, as I don't think it's possible to add new skills until the course has graduated out of beta. What do you all think? I hope we get to see some new Arabic skills soon :-)


July 11, 2019



More Arabic skills will probably be released in time, I mainly use Duolingo for Spanish and they expand the tree every now and then.


Weird. When I do lessons, it still has the Beta flag in the upper left of the screen.


Mine does too.


It would be really nice if there were verbs in the course lol...


They need to add verbs


I would like to see more verbs and verb tenses -- so far I've seen not a single simple past tense. Most of Arabic is based on 3 letter verbs which form the past tense, 3rd person singular, so it is so much easier to learn new vocabulary if you know the related verb root.

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