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  5. "زَوْجَتي"


Translation:my wife

July 11, 2019



Why sometimes there is a ت and sometimes not for wife?


Wife is زَوجة. It ends with a ta marbuta. ة If you add something like the ي for my it changes to تَ


I think I heard the word MARATI as my wife. could that be also?


According to M. Aldrich (Arabic vs Arabic. A Dialect Sampler, 50) most of the dialects he lists refer to زَوْجَتي. However, Tunisian, Syrian, Bahraini, and Yemeni prefer the word you refer to. A website says there are at least five words for wife: https://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/the/arabic-word-for-48eda733f81c96587ed209509223237e151e5ce6.html I wonder if one of them, قَرينة / qarina, comes through contact with Spanish? My Arabic isn't good enough yet to figure out what the lexica say: http://arabiclexicon.hawramani.com/search

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