Is there a way to roll the Android app back a few versions?

Had Duo on my old phone, worked great, and had all updates blocked. Had to install it on a different (also Android) phone and oof. These are mostly UI and UX issues but it makes learning so much more difficult. Primarily (this is for Vietnamese, other languages might be different): - The audio buttons got a lot bigger...almost half the screen. Despite the slow button not working (and never did), the larger buttons means... - After submitting, the translation covers up what I wrote (so I can't see what was right or wrong) - Even larger problem is that incorrect accents aren't corrected. So, "đứa" is marked corrected with no correction shown, though it should be "đưa" (different word). Or vẻ vs vệ. The only way to see if it's correct is to go into the comments after every question. The equivalence for English might be if "there" and "they're" were equally accepted for an answer without correction.

Yes, I've submitted bug reports. Rolling it back would just be easier right now.

July 11, 2019


If you know the app version you had been using for a while you could download the APK file directly from archive sites and install it from a local source.

You might have to adjust your security options to allow this.

July 12, 2019
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