What is the difference between isst and frisst

Who can help me to understand the difference ibetween Isst und frisst

July 11, 2019

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Both mean ‘to eat’ but essen (ich esse, du isst, er/sie/es isst, wir essen, ihr esst, sie/Sie essen) is used for people while fressen (ich fresse, du frisst, er/sie/es frisst, wir fressen, ihr fresst, sie/Sie fressen) is used for animals. Sometimes you can see or hear fressen in reference to people but that is pejorative and extremely rude.

July 11, 2019

A question, if I may: how do you manage to learn so many languages?

July 19, 2019

Hi ddampac,

Yes, of course you may.

Well, I have never studied two completely new languages at once. I think that would confuse me and I prefer to concentrate on a new language exclusively at least for a couple of months before getting back to the other ones I already know.

My mother tongue is German. At school I first learned English, then French and lastly Spanish. After school I met my then girlfriend now wife who is Italian so I learned Italian for and with her which was fairly easy due to the full immersion. After that I got interested in Dutch and learned it mainly on my own using different books. And then I did the same with Portuguese studying mainly with books and audio material. Of course it helps if you already know some other language from the same family as grammatical concepts and a lot of vocabulary aren‘t new to you.

In order to practise and not forget what I have learned so far I try to read articles and books in the different languages every now and then trying to devote more or less the same amount of time to all of them. On top of that I listen to a lot of different radio stations in my target languages via a radio streaming app during my commute and at work. But that is all ‘just’ passive usage so I try to write and speak to friends in my target languages (I am lucky to have at least one friend per language who is a native speaker). And last but not least I often translate phrases in my head. For example I might read a sign in German or some other language and them think: ‘Hmm, how would I say that in French/Dutch/Spanish/...?’ That‘s all, I think.

I hope that helped you.

Enjoy your studies,

July 21, 2019

Oh, I almost forgot: Of course I also use Duolingo to recap some stuff, especially vocabulary.

July 21, 2019

Both mean " to eat". Fressen is used for animals because animals used to devour the food. The fressen is eat in this way. So use this word for people is not appropriate.

July 13, 2019

the difference is because isst is for person and frisst for animals, but if it is isimation animals can use isst.

August 4, 2019

the difference is because isst is for person and frisst for animals, but if it is isimation animals can use isst

August 4, 2019

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