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  5. "أُخْتي مَشْغولة دائِماً."

"أُخْتي مَشْغولة دائِماً."

Translation:My sister is always busy.

July 11, 2019



the audio says "oukhtay" which is confusing and might make people think it s saying my 2 sisters instead of my sister


My sister is busy always, was not accepted. I want to know the grammatical reason for this being incorrect.


Placing the adverb "always" after the adjective is unnatural for a native speaker of English. That order would immediately identify the speaker as foreign.


Yes and no. It's not actually wrong, and could be said by a native speaker, if the "always" is an afterthought. Or it could place great emphasis or even anger on the "always". It is a marked construction, ie not the normal.


Thats what i thought but remembered they said it was incorrect and the "correct" answer was that one in a similar exrrcise in a lower level


Could you be more specific, a6Ndg?


can someone give some insight about the دٔ ? sometimes it seems like these letters are pronounced (after a ء sort of pause) but other times it seems like it isn't pronounced at all whatever letter under it is arbitrary


Hi HaroldGarr6! Pardon me, I don't quite understand your question. ئ or ء is called "hamza". Its sound is similar to 2alif أ. Have I answered the question?

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