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  5. "Did you watch the game?"

"Did you watch the game?"

Translation:Ua nānā anei ʻoe i ka pāʻani?

July 11, 2019



Why in some sentences is "pāʻani" used and in others "hoʻokūkū" is used?


pāʻani = game / hoʻokūkū = tournament


DL has been using the 2 terms interchangedly until this sentence.

"ʻEkolu i ka ʻehā ka helu ʻai o ka hoʻokūkū. The score of the game is three to four."


"Ua nānā au i ka hoʻokūkū pōwāwae. I watched the soccer game."

It seems DL only wants to accept the version of each sentence that it gives at the beginning of each section.

The only way to get it ʻrightʻ and not lose a heart is to just answer the way DL considers THE ONLY way, and know for yourself that there is always more than one way to say something in Hawaiian whether DL thinks so or not.

I type out and save each new sentence (with translation) when I start a new section for this very reason.


Is "anei" strictly necessary?


It is not required but it affirms that this is a question and a yes or no answer is expected.


If you asked me, and the answer was "'Ae," I would slip a "nō" into my answer. What if it were "'A'ole, (I didn't)"?


To emphasize the ‘A‘ole, many people use loa. ‘A‘ole loa!

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