"سام مُتَرجِم."

Translation:Sam is a translator.

July 11, 2019

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Is there a way to make the text larger? It is difficult to see the diacritics. I never have a problem reading anything. I hope this isn't the first signs of needing reading glasses!


If you do your lessons on a computer, press "ctrl" and + to enlarge the screen and "ctrl" and 0 to put the screen back to regular size.


I hear "Mutorjem". Why is it not "Mutarjim"?


so its soft ta َت not Ta طَ


Small text is really a problem. Very often I only guess, which word or combination of letters is correct. This is not good for memorizing correct spelling.


Why English translation without "a" is registered as a mistake? In other lessons it is accepted as a version of correct answer.


It is necessary in English to use the indefinite article "a". Duolingo would be doing you a disservice if they let you slide by with incorrect answers. Look at it this way, if your error is pointed out to you, it will help you learn the correct sentence structure. It's really not a big problem to redo a sentence. I have to redo sentences lots of times. It helps me learn. ; )


The translation doesn't make sense, shouldn't it be "Sam is a translator"?


Sam's = short for "Sam is..."


No, Mark. That's incorrect. We never use contractions with a proper noun. I even double checked before I wrote this comment. We elide, or omit, the vowel when speaking, but it is incorrect to spell that way. Apostrophe S with a proper noun (a name) is only used to show possession: John's house. We just correctly use it for contractions of things like: it is, is not, do not, would not, could not, I am, he is, she is, we are, you are, they are.


I like to make lessons on my smartphone. Because i can do it everywhere. The letters of the lessons are to small to read. I have to gamble the answer.


Shall we all report everything we get wrong because of tiny script? Perhaps Duo might finally take notice then. It's no better on computer because you have to zoom so much that you can't see the whole screen & end up scrolling all the time.


for use on computer i use : https://basshelal.github.io/Wudooh/ you can change the way arabic text is shown, size, type of letters... very good tool


If you use chrome or firefox on your smartphone try https://basshelal.github.io/Wudooh/ seems to work on my nokia phone on Chrome (and by the way under settings of the browser, under advanced, there is option accessability.. where you might be able to sett the text scale to a better readable one )


Thanks but I've tried that. It doesn't work on Android


Just a general question for Duolingo: could you please make the Arabic characters at least twice as large? On both my phone and laptop they're too small to read properly.


(1). "Sam's translator" is:

مترجمُ سامٍ

Literally, it means "Sam who owns a translator".

(2). "Sam's a translator" or "Sam is a translator" is:

سامٌ مترجمٌ


Wow thankyou for that


My question is tangentially related to this topic, but this is the first lesson I see the "discuss" button and it has the letter "jiim".

I knew a little Arabic in the past, and I have listened to many people speak Arabic, and I had always heard "jiim" (the 4th consonant in mutarjim) pronounced as /j/ not /zh/. But in these lessons it's always pronounces as /zh/. Can someone shed some light on this? Do different countries pronounce it differently?


In my understanding Sam's is Sam has.. It is a bit confusing


Please see the answer above reference this.


I hear muNorjm


why not : Sam is a translator


That's what it should be.


's is a possessif, not a verb . The right sentence should be Sam is a translator and not Sam's translator


You should make more allowances for typos. I wrote Same instead of Sam and got marked a loser. I'm so humiliated. LOL. Not really. But it would be nice to get more understanding. I use text swiping and it often adds letters. Thanks


yeah.... and if you have autocorrect "on" it's even a bigger problem (especialy when you try learning Arabic from out English (being a native Dutch speaking person)


I accidentilly answered in dutch


Why mutorjem and not mutarjim?


Guillemtap92, it should be mutarjim (with kasra on ج). We may report this issue. Hope they will fix it.

Update: I got a downvote without any feedback. Again?


something went wrong


Pardon, astrophe"'s" is only for things like house, bag or others not job. I find this confusing. Please help!


That is wrong the true have to be (Sam is a translator).


's is not "is" in English


Something went wrong


There was no word for 'a'


You cannot always translate one language word for word into another language. English always needs to use the indefinite article "a", Arabic does not have one.


Thats crazy that my answe was marked wrong because i didnt put a period at the end of the word almost every time i dont and its marked correct but now is not im almost about to delete this app and


Duolingo doesn't care about periods, commas, question marks, exclamation points, or capital letters. You had to have made some other error that you didn't catch. Next time, show us what you wrote and maybe someone here can help you.

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