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Native Speaker - Tested out of a bunch of courses - but having some difficulty.

I am an American born native speaker - but I did not learn how to read and write until college. I tested out of a bulk of the courses - but unfortunately - no matter what course i choose - I get a bunch of what sound does this make questions - that I keep getting wrong because my dialect's pronunciation is slightly different from whatever you are teaching - which feels like a mix of dialects. Also since i didn't take the earlier lessons - I am not sure what sounds duolingo considers the s and S or DH vs dh - so I get those all wrong. Also the answers don't have sound - so sound does not help either. Is this supposed to happen?

July 11, 2019


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As a native myself, i see that Duolingo unfortunately have a cumbersome system of transliteration. I did create my own system for transliteration and posted about it a while ago but even that system is cumbersome because some or many symbols in it are "out of reach". I believe Duolingo in these instances of "s" and "S" and "dh" and "DH" is trying to differentiate between "س" and "ص," and "ذ" and "ظ" or "ض" respectively.


I think they should use a phonemic transcription that is widely used and represents an accent that (ideally) makes all possible distinctions in Arabic.


I agree that the huge focus on transliterating nonsense syllables gets tedious, even as someone who is fairly new to the language.

The earlier lessons themselves don't explain the course's transliteration system, but the Tips do. You can see all the tips in one place at https://www.duome.eu/YourUsername/progress I hope this helps!

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