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  5. "Sam is from America."

"Sam is from America."

Translation:سام مِن أَمريكا.

July 11, 2019



It is really hard to read the tiny font you use for sentences


I've never seen this sentence before but guessed that مِن means "from" based on other Semitic languages.


Is "America" in Arabic usually pronounced "Am-ri-ka" or "Am-meh-ri-ka" like it is here?


It is really hard to read the tiny font you use for sentences


I wrote America as أَمريكا and it said i have a typo in my answer and corrected it to أمريكا but here in the comments america is written the way i wrote it.


Hey everybody if you don't know that Arabic is not just one, every country speaks in its own way so to have it easier and to don't have to really care about grammar I suggest to learn a country's Arabic not this Arabic, I'm Egyptian and for me Egyptian/Syrian/Lebanese Are the most easier and every one with his own desire


I think it's better to learn Standard Arabic if they want to read the news or books, or if the want to work at a company. if they want to speak with normal people or friends it is still easier to learn standard Arabic and then learn the specific words or sentences in that dailect from his/her Arabic friends

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