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An Arabic Song That I Like So Much

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Just loved to share with you guys here. This song is classified as "Mowaššaħ"; An art form of singing that flourished in Andalusia. For the benefit, I will be listing the words (lyrics) of this little song and a pronunciation guide, and then a translation.


Just a note about the singer/tenor here, Sabah Fakhri (صباح فخري). You can find more info about him on Wikipedia, in English as well. Born in 1932 in Aleppo and he has a record for singing continuously for 10 hours (some say 14 hours) on the stage, in 1962, in Caracas. He is considered one of the pillars for reviving the old Arabic musical arts, specially Mowaššaħat (plural of Mowaššaħ) and something called Quduud (an art originating in Aleppo). So, up to the Arabic lyrics first:

أحن شوقاً إلى ديارٍ (وديارٍ)

رأيتُ فيها جمال سلمى

شربت منها ماء عُـقارٍ

من يد ساقي الألمى

Here, I tried my best not to sprinkle diacritics since the font is problematic to many and the text would look crumbled and congested. Notice that, as typically is with musical arts, the poem or lyrics can be repeated all over again and/or stuffed with few words here and there, but I didn't put any marks for following the song exactly. I'm typing the pure lyrics here. Now, with the transliteration: For the transliteration, I've used my own system, as I see Duolingo's system is somehow cumbersome. You can find it here and I hope you would be able to figure it out quickly. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9goaz5e3syj6e8y/abjd.docx?dl=0


aħinnu šawqan 'ila diyárin (wa diyárin)

ra'aytu fíhá jamála Salmá

šaribtu minhá má'a ąuqárin

min yaddi sáqi šarába al-almá

And now with the translation (English of course):


I crave eagerly to some lands (and lands)

Where I've seen the beauty of Salma

I've drank from there a healing water

From the hands of the bearer of the cold drink

Final note: This piece here do bear some classical words, but well, I don't want to explain just yet. I think I've made this post pretty long already. I just hope you enjoy the music here :) Tada!

July 11, 2019



I'm actually listening to this as I type and it's gonna take by no.1 place for sure. I love this. ^-^

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search him on youtube... there are plenty of his songs that I like (downloaded them as MP3s and put them on my mobile so i can connect my car with it on bluetooth and listen as i drive .... daily..... not a single day passed without listening to him lol)

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and by the way, here is MY #1 : https://youtu.be/sR-sY01sN44


It's beat my number one by a million miles. Mine's Kun Anta[I'm weird to be listening to it but it's kind of catchy] ^-^.

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who sings Kun Anta? By the way, I'm not much into Arabic music in general. I only started listening to "old" and classical Arabic music when I reached my 30s or a bit before that lol - So, I really don't know much about modern artists nowadays nor their songs

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Something weird here. Why some text is larger and bolder than the rest?

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