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  5. "هٰذا ساحِل جَميل جِدّاً."

"هٰذا ساحِل جَميل جِدّاً."

Translation:This is a very pretty coast.

July 11, 2019



Why "This coast is very pretty" was not accepted? I do not understand the difference between the sentences.


Why not: "this coast is very pretty"


If you've gone through all the lessons preceding this one, you will be thoroughly drilled on the difference between "the ... is" an "this ..." where ... stands for any noun. " This coast" in Arabic requires the definite article for coast. It means "this is a coast" without the definite article "al", ...أل


Another possibility is "this is a very scenic coast"; I wish you had read (and taken to heart) my detailed comments about "pretty", quoting to you two very reputable dictionaries, the Oxford English-Arabic and the Hans Wehr Arabic-English. "Pretty" is close to the worst choice as a default for "jameel"


How do you type the dagger alif?

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