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  5. "اِبْني وَبِنْتي"

"اِبْني وَبِنْتي"

Translation:my son and my daughter

July 11, 2019



We do not say "بنت" for daughter! we say "ابنة" and if you add the possessive adjective, it becomes "ابنتي" (my daughter) and not "بنتي". The word "bint" means "girl". Unless you guys are offering dialectal Arabic (spoken Arabic) then that can be correct. However, in Standard Arabic, the expression you use is simply not correct. Salam. :)


Why does SOUND STOP SUDDENLY...no warning in the middle of a timed practice????? this is the third time for this problem....


Maybe your internet has problem Or your duolingo is bugged


I've discussed with ISP/DSL provider MULTIPLE times....and all system checks find "nothing wrong" BUT the URL to DUOLINGO just sits for an hour at a time going Nowhere. Can you recommend any specifics I can check? Duo has not responded and I have tried multiple times to get support. Lost days of learning language...am bummed!!


Woah this seems unusual Ummm have u tried duolingo's website? Don't use the app,but try out the website You know log in in it and see if there are any changes or not Maybe that would help It's like the app but u can learn your language and your streak won't get lost Instead of logging in the app u log in Google It worked for one of my friends So I think maybe it will work for u too


on the website is where I would prefer to learn...larger screen, easier to read BUT that is where the key problem exists...access to the website. So I HAVE to use the cell/app instead most of the time. It has slowed things down considerably. I sure hope DUO will find a way to ensure access via Web for all. Soon. Thanks for your suggestions/kind words! shukran!


Oh OK sorry I couldn't help


Try switching to practice that's not timed. See if that makes a difference.


I type "abi" instead of "ibni" and my answer got accepted!

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