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Feature request: Ability to reset Skills?

I recently started learning Japaese again on Duolingo, the Problem is, that I have forgotten some things and would like to restart some skills from crown-level 0, so I can see the easier questions and not having to guess things because it didn't show me the word for something at the start of the lesson (Like it does on crown-level 0). This is especially annoying because the Japanese course got overhauled, and now I have crown-level one on skills that are further down the tree than I should be able to access, some of them I dont rember doing at all and in the skills that I have done, new words were added that it didn't teach me because I started on crown-level one. Being able to reset individual skills to crown-level zero would be at least in my perspective a very useful addition to Duolingo.

July 11, 2019



If it's been a while, you could try using the practice button which will go over words that have gone down in "strength" over time. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to reset a skill without resetting the entire language.


The practice mode also assumes that you know the words when you start it, just like skills on level one.

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