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Met with silence

In the skill-button 'You and Me' lesson number four on the tile lessons, several or almost all of the options are silent except for the one that is the right answer.

I always look at all the tiles, see if i can spot the translation on the basis of writing, try to translate* the other tiles on the basis of writing & then push all the tiles to hear the spoken forms numerous times before i end with the right answer one time & push enter.

So lets say the answer is #4, then i hit 1, 2 & 3 several times, before i give that answer. Just now i was doing a couple of these & most of them were silent except for the answer. Well, if you try to guess your way through the course it will be simple then, won't it?


  • i mean translate the latin alphabeth to arabic abjad, not complete words from english to msa.
July 11, 2019


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I'm doing the course, but did you try to report the problem to Duolingo (which appears below after answering the question)? I know by experience, to me, I do get some audio problems when I do exercises on Duolingo using my laptop but not my PC. Anyway, hope they fix it if it was a glitch. And by the way, I guess you mean "transliteration" instead of "translation" - which is typing the equivalent of sounds or letters from one language to another to explain the spelling.


Transliteration... i couldn't remember that word...

I've reported some of them, especially when all but the wanted answer were silent, but as the right answer has sound, maybe the persons at Duolingo don't see the problem.

I've been doing stories & French before this without a glitch and also the normal Arabic sentences have sound, so i think it's quite unlikely the problem is on my end. I do indeed hope it's solved soon.

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