Duo (repeatedly) not registering that I've completed a lesson

Hi. Duo isn't registering that I'm completing a particular lesson in the Japanese from English course. I've done it several times, but I'm still getting a display of 33%, my xp aren't increasing, and I keep getting the same lesson over and over. This just started happening this afternoon. I checked to see if I could do a lesson from a different section, and that registered.

The one that's not registering is "Dates", and the one I used to test was "Intro 1"

I'm running Linux (Xubuntu 18.04) and my browser is Firefox.

The only thing that makes it look as though something is registering is that the orange circular "bar" around the skill starts to advance (as in it'll look like I'm at 50% but the number still says 33%) and if I open duo in another tab or refresh my current tab, it's back at 33%.

(Sorry for the lack of screen shot. I took one, but I don't see how to actually attach it to this post.)

July 11, 2019


I have the same problem in Spanish. It happens on multiple lessons.

July 12, 2019

Thanks for commenting. Made the feeling of posting into a void less extreme. How long has yours been going on? Did you post here about it?

July 16, 2019

I've been having the exact same problem in Japanese with the Dates module (and only that module) since May. I could do the first lesson and it would register, but then the second lesson would loop. No matter how many times I did the second lesson in Dates, it would lag, then reroute me to the home page instead of showing the "You've gained 10 XP!" page with the lesson summary button. On the main tree page, the percentage/progress bar for the Dates module would show an increase, but only until I refreshed the page or opened a new tab. I never got any lingots or XP for the numerous lesson twos I completed.

I submitted bug reports to Duo, including screenshots, but the problem hasn't been fixed.

Two days ago, I finally gave up and tested out of Level 3 Dates, and the test-out succeed in getting me to Level 4. I did the first lesson and it registered with XP and a progress percentage increase, but when I did the second lesson, it didn't register. It appears that the second lesson of Dates is the problem — perhaps there's a bug in the code at that point, since we can't move past that lesson no matter what level it is.

(For what it's worth, I'm running Mac OS High Sierra and using a Chrome browser.)

I tried manually setting the URL to the third lesson, but it only looped the second lesson again.

If multiple people file bug reports, the tech team is more likely to look into the problem or to give it higher priority. You can submit a bug report here.

July 17, 2019

Thank you for this comment! I appreciate all the detail (making it clear that we're talking about the same thing) and your telling me about filing a bug report. I just filed one - I hope they get whatever critical number they need to give it some attention. どうもありがとう!

July 17, 2019
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