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  5. "هَل جاكيتَك كَبير يا سام؟"

"هَل جاكيتَك كَبير يا سام؟"

Translation:Is your jacket big, Sam?

July 12, 2019



هل معطفُكَ كبيرٌ يا سام؟


Ha ha. I've just noticed that the Arabic for jacket, at least as given to us by Duolingo, seems to have a bit of a Russian accent in its second syllable. The equivalent for the E is rendered as a Russian soft E, a bit like ye (жакет). I wonder if they were at one stage imported from Russia?!


isn't it جاكَيتُك with the 'و' diacritic in MSA? Isn't that the Egyptian version? plz correct me if I'm wrong

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