"My name is Rawad and I am Arab."

Translation:اِسْمي رَواد وَأَنا عَرَبِيّ.

July 12, 2019

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are adjectives in first person always masc/"standard"?


i don't think so. someone correct me


"I am Arab" is just not English: it should probably be "I am an Arab". "I am Arabic" is grammatical, but just sounds odd ("Arabic" is, I think, a word you use to describe music or food, but probably not people, unless you are writing an academic article or some such). It is noticeable, anyway, that the topic of "how bad the English translations are" comes up really frequently: did you not have any native English speakers on the team?


How do I know if Rawad is a boy,s name or a girl's name


With experience

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