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  5. "هِيَّ بِنْتَك يا جورْج."

"هِيَّ بِنْتَك يا جورْج."

Translation:She is your daughter, George.

July 12, 2019



It should be bintuka, not bintaka


i thought the same but could it be spoken arabic ?


I just see bintak, not bintaka


Why would it be بِنْتُك? Isn't your(masc.) supposed to be "-ak"? Or is this some other grammar thing that duolingo hasn't explained yet?


If it was just -ak, that would be fine because that's just informal arabic. But -aka is just plain wrong; in formal arabic, there's a thing called case endings — Duolingo doesn't teach them, but you can look them up. Basically, there's no verb or particle in this sentence, so it should be in nominal form, which is -u, and then the masculine singular you, -ka, to make -uka. -ak is informal, -uka is formal, but -aka (which the audio says) is just wrong


It should be هِيَ ابْنَتُكَ يا جورج.


Just what you would say in a biginner's conversation.


This sentence is actually not quite right. It should be "hiya bintUk ya George", not "bintAk", for the vocals "i", "u" and "a" placed on the ت don't mean you're speaking of a girl or a man, they mean the object you're talking about is either the subject of the sentence, or the complement. All the phrases of this type are wrong on this level anyway...

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