"Your husband is amazing, Reem."

Translation:زَوْجِك مُمْتاز يا ريم.

July 12, 2019

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This sounds like a way to start a problem with someone real quick hahah


Every sentence seems to be written with the dialectic (Egyptian, levantine, etc.) way of possessives, but the audio pronounces it wrong and the course is supposed to be MSA


For clarification: it's زوجُكِ & not زوجِكِ

2., this course is the weirdest among the other languages' ones.. and I'm a native speaker

I don't know why they put these strange meaningless words .. i swear to God, i thought i was hallucinating when i saw weird letters combined, presented at the beginning of each exercise, when it's supposed that they'd be teaching what they say on each circle


Why is the "j" supposed to be with a damma instead of a kasra?


Because the word has grammatical function of "moubtada", then this word is "marfou'" and the vowel in this case is damma.


Why did Duo removed the feature where I can type the Arabic letters instead of selecting words. I am surely learning better if I do that.


The word amazing means رائع (ra2e3) in Arabic and not ممتاز (momtaz). The word ممتاز (momtaz) only means excellent in English, it never means amazing and vice-versa. This mistake is too redundant and that is truly unfortunate. I do this course with a student and I have to correct this too many time.

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