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I want to learn conversational Greek - greetings/going shopping/in a restaurant etc while there but will not have an internet connection. Can I download lessons onto my computer before I go ? I have a pc. I am happy to pay a small subscription. Could I have advice please?


July 12, 2019



Quote: Can I download lessons onto my computer before I go ? I have a pc.

No, this is only supported on the mobile apps.

One of the more recent versions of the Android plattform got a dedicated "Plus" button where you can download all lessons for all skills.
However, I am not sure if this will be the case for all L1-L5 lessons or only for the currently unlocked crown level (per skill).

Duolingo initially was not programmed to be used exclusively OFFLINE.

Think about it as a "caching" mechanism when you are offline for a few minutes (e.g train, subway)...maybe a few hours still works on a plane, etc.

But I would be very hesitant in using the offline feature for too long.


Because of my earlier experience with the "10 lesson cache mode in 1-2 skills":

And now we have Plus where people want to use Duolingo on their smartphone for multiple hours, days, weeks even it NEVER was designed as a pure standalone application.

Bei diesem Gedanken kriege ich nur Bauchschmerzen von!

Quote: I have a pc.

You could try an Android emulator software (KOPlayer, Bluestacks, Nox, Memu, etc.).
But they are heavy, slow, quite often buggy and might be overloading your computer.

Quote: I am happy to pay a small subscription

Get a LTE/3G sim card in the country so you can access the Internet (online mode).

If you really want to use "Duolingo Plus" in the OFFLINE mode, make sure that you try to synchronize your skill/lesson/XP progress back on a daily basis.

As soon as possible - always.

You do not want to run into the issue I had on a (much) older version that the locally stored data has been corrupted, the app was crashing, not starting correctly and I could not sync all lessons back to their online server.

BTW: I repeated the test with a not so old Android app version (V3.72.2, V3.80.2) and it was working a bit better...but would I 100% trust it for going OFFLINE for several days? Not really.

All mobile apps are basically alpha/beta versions because of their continuous code roll outs on a 2-4 weeks basis.
We are beta testers....there probably is no QS department which tests new functionality and the core for at least 3+ months as it usually happens with banking or insurance software.

The other problem are the sheer amount of different IOS and Android OS versions which quite often gets the mobile app into trouble for new versions or that old app versions are not always 100% compatible with new OS versions.

A big mess...better stay away from it when you need something (standlone solution) absolute realiable / stable.

July 12, 2019
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