Points earned from already gilded skills should be lowered

Now, when I finish one class I get 10+x points, no matter which skill I study. It makes problem with the current league system, because you can easily earn points by repeating the same skill at the beginning.

Some people seemingly actively use this way and I get easily unmotivated. One guy in my league(Ruby) gets like 1,000 XPs in less than an hour, probably by repeating 'Alphabet' or 'Phrases' course. While he earns 1,000 XPs so easily and smoothly gets to the top of the league, the number of crown almost never changes.

There could be several alternatives to deal with this system. The easiest way would be lowering XPs that I earn from finished, already gilded skills. It can be set to, for example, 5 XPs (without bonus), so that someone who can repeat it can repeat it but will not use it to manipulate the system.

League standing system can be changed too, counting both XPs and crowns. You could set the league point as, for example, XP+100*crown, to users care more about crowns.

As long as you introduced league system, there should be a solution to this situation. I know what really matters is the learning I get from Duolingo, but still because this is a gamification app and I have been really enjoying it, this 'legal cheating' really annoys me and is harmful to league system.

Still, thank you for everything and every dedication you've made to make us speak languages. ♥

July 12, 2019

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In the past you got 3 till 10 points for a lesson: 10 for a new lesson, 3 for a known lesson. Probably no one would do the old lessons for three points and therefore they changed it to 10 points for all lessons.

At the moments xp's and lingots are worthless : xp's because there is a lot of cheating (doing the same lessons and immersion), and lingots because you can nothing do with them.

That's probably the reason that you don't see anymore the xp's you have and you need for the next level.

I think Duolingo will replace the importance of XP's with crowns. In the past you got only one level. Now, with 5 levels/crowns you are going much above the 30 000 XP's / level 25.

Maybe the leagues will then also use crowns.

By the way, leagues are in the first place implemented for keeping the students online. Each lesson / advertising generate money.

The points you can earn with the first three places are also worthless.

You will have always some people that will earn points/xp's the last hours of the week for reaching one of the 3 first places, with or without cheating.

Languages with stories give also the ability for cheating: 20 points/xps are more points for some very easy questions.

July 12, 2019
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