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"أُحِبّ اَلْأَكْل بِالْلَّيْل أَيْضاً."

Translation:I like eating at night also.

July 12, 2019



In case anybody else is confused by the spelling of بالليل: It seems like this word is actually made up of three parts:

  • بِـ: a preposition which most commonly means “with” but can also mean “in (a state)”. Like و “and”, this preposition appears to usually be attached directly to the following word without a space
  • the definite article الـ. As usual, the “a” vowel is deleted if preceded by a vowel (in this case the “i” of the preposition), but the ا is still kept in the spelling. Also the ل of the article is interpreted as assimilated to the following ل of the noun. This is why the ل of الـ is not pronounced but the following one gets a ّ. So basically the same thing as in words like اَلنَّوْم, only here with a noun starting in ل rather than ن.
  • the actual noun لَيْل “night”

So literally it’s something along the lines of “in [a state of] the night”


a great breakdown :) in Arabic breaking down words for grammatic and structural elaboration is called إعراب

which is what you just did :) It usually also includes the case endings though and why.


thank you a lot for the explanations


That's not healthy Duo!


Shouldn't it be, i ALSO like eating at night


I agree with you




So it should be pronounced : أُحِبُّ الْأَكْلَ بِلْلَّيْلِ أَيْضًا am i right?


No it's with alif that is not pronounced


In the night is not correct too?


by night is refused, why?


Just wondering: is it possible to translate أيضا with "as well" instead of "also"?


Why is not : i like Food at night also ,i know it not making sens i like food at night * but whats the dif in i like food and i like eating *in arabic.thx


This, alongside the sentences that say "I do not like sleaping at night" and "I like writing at night" - come together perfectly to describe my life... Duo, are you watching me?

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