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"The wound has been cleaned and treated."

Translation:Lukanya sudah dibersihkan dan diobati.

July 12, 2019



AGAIN... Luka vs lukanya


dibersihKAN dan diobatI... So, the rule of using di-kan and di-i should be difficult, if even in one sentense, with "and" between them...


"me-X-kan" means that you cause something to be X. In this case, "dibersihkan" means that the wound is being made bersih/clean.

"me-X-i" means to give X to something. In this case, "diobati" means that the wound is given obat/medicine or treatment.

So it depends on the root word and what you want it to mean.


Thank you, that is a very useful grammatical explanation of the two structures.

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