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  5. "أَيْن كَري؟"

"أَيْن كَري؟"

Translation:Where is Carrie?

July 12, 2019



What is the sound between the two words?


The first word is "2aii-na", which means "where". There is not a feminine ending on it. It is just how the word, which is an adverb, is spelled. Duolingo is not putting all the vowel markings in the words. There would be a fattah over the nuun if it were fully voweled: نَ


Thanks. That's very helpful. I've deleted most of my comment above based on your help.


It sounds like the feminine ending, but I'm not sure whether 2ayn is an adjective.


Is the pronunciation between أَيْن and ءِيْد (have/has, not sure I spelled it right) the same except that have has the d sound at the end of it?


I also want to know and if so, why one uses an alif and the other doesn't.


@AnthPalm. No. The alif in the first word is a glottal stop with the glottal stop marker "hamza" on top, which is transliterated "2": 2aayn. The second word starts with the letter 'ayn which is transliterated "3". This letter makes a sound we don't have in English. You tighten your vocal cords and vibrate them, kind of like gargling, to pronounce whichever vowel it is paired with; "ii" here. The second word is transliterated 3iid.

I hope this helps a bit. There are some good YouTube videos on how to pronounce 'ayn: Arabic Pod 101 youtube.com/watch?v=Tn8STTxsThU.com and Learn Arabic With Maha. The link I saw on Google wasn't correct, so just google "Learn Arabic with Maha, a'yn".


How would I say "Where are you, Carrie?"


من اين انتِ ياكاري؟ Means where are yoh from Carrie??


This is a great question to show how يا is used. The question in this exercise is 'where is Carrie?' I'm asking you about a third person named Carrie. I simply ask, أين كاري. But if you are Carrie, i can ask, 'where are you?' أين عينت or


أين أنت؟Where are you


Or I can ask'where are you Carrie?' اين انت يا كاريأي؟


Does 2ayn mean 'where' or 'from where'?


2ayn means "where". min means "from". from where = min 2ayn


There is a similarity between أَيْن and Hebrew אן / אין. There's a discussion here: https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/hebrew-etymology-of-%D7%9B%D7%90%D7%9F-here.1574536/


alif means aa so when ever u see that word it means alif hope that helps.

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