Help needed with Ce, Cette, Cet, Ces, Ca, Ceci, Cela, Celui, Celle, Celles, Ceux etc etc

Can someone break this down in easy to understand language? Cause the amount of demonstrative adjectives seems a little crazy here.. thanks

July 12, 2019


Alexa Polidoro has you covered:

July 12, 2019

Thanks this is perfect!

July 12, 2019

Happy to help :-)

In addition to Learn French with Alexa, another channel you should use is Français avec Pierre ...

You will probably have to turn on subtitles to begin with, since he does all his videos in French. But he has great English subtitles.

July 12, 2019

Amazing! Thanks I will check it out for sure!

July 13, 2019

In short:

Ce and cet (m), cette (f), and ces (pl) are the adjectives. The rest in your list are not adjectives.

Ce is also a subject pronoun replacing something abstract or indefinite, nearly always used with the verb "être".

Ça (and the slightly more formal ceci and cela) also replaces abstract and indefinite things. As a subject, it is for use with the other verbs besides être, and it can also be a direct or indirect object.

Celui (m), celle (f), ceux (m pl), and celles (f pl) replace specific things that have already been mentioned, and are only usable with certain words following. In general, they are used to differentiate things from other things.

July 12, 2019


Jkidder is right !

Ce : This (male)in front of a name beginning with a consonane . Ex : Ce gâteau Cette : This (feminin) Ex : cette maison Cet : (Male)in front of a name beginning with a vowel - Ex : cet avion Ceci : (Male demonstratif) - Ex : ceci est à moi Cela : That... Ceux : These etc...

July 13, 2019
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