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"بَيْتي خَلْفي في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة."

Translation:My house is behind me in this picture.

July 12, 2019



❌ The ya' in خلفي is a vowel, it has no haraka.


It should be "khalfi", not "khalfihi"?


"My house in this picture is beind me." is grammatically correct also. Is it not?


Should the prepositional phrase "fii hadhahi aSSuura" be at the start of the sentence? When should it be at the start and ehen should it be at the end?


The two comments above regarding the pronunciation are correct!


I would not recommend this course in arabic to anybody because of all the ultra tedious typing in ENGLISH, not in arabic, that Duolingo makes you do. It seems the longest sentences are the ones Duolingo wants typed. When using the app on a phone it gets extremely frustrating. The typing forfeits the convenience of taking the course with you on a phone. Using the microphone is equally useless as it only seems to understand/record some weird texan drawl and not normal english. Also I wonder about all the arab speakers making "expert" comments about a trillion different arab accents or versions of writing it in this section: I thought this was a beginners course? What are all those people doing here? Anyways, I'll follow this to the bitter end but I'm not thrilled.


The answer is correct

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