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Arabic-beta Issue

The sound of "gh" shows up as "3". Hopefully there's a way to have this corrected for post-beta phase because it would be helpful for phonetics!

It seems to be: ع showing up as "3a" when it sounds like "gha". غس shows up as "3us" when it sounds like "ghos/gos".

Thanks to everyone who put this together!!

July 12, 2019



I really don’t think ع should be represented by a 3. It’s very confusing for someone who doesn’t understand Arabic sounds. It would make more sense if it were represented by apostrophe, hyphen or even a question mark. Same for hamza (ء) and 2.


3 is the best way to represent ع.

The apostrophe works for ء but the apostrophe can't be both ء and ع because they are different. The 3 looks the same as the ع, just backwards, and as Juliet mentioned, it serves a reminder to English speaking learners that it's not a sound present in English. Furthermore,3 is how many Arabs all over the world represent the ع when typing in Arabic to each other, and you'll be able to recognize that if you learn it as it is here.

What I don't get is why they don't extend this to 7 for the ح.


Oh. So that is what the 3 meant. I was very confused on how to pronounce it!

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