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If you’re getting frustrated with the Hindi course, try the reverse course early

So, Hindi on Duolingo has a problem. It teaches letters waaay too out of context. If you want to start learning words other than the word for “one” early in the course, do English for Hindi speakers instead. That course leaps into words. (Basic words, like “girl” and “I”). I recommend this as soon as you complete crown level 1 in Alphabet 2.

I appreciate Hindi for English speakers on Duolingo, but the first four lessons can be taught much better.

July 12, 2019



I never really considered doing a reverse tree before being at least intermediate in a language, but I followed your advice. And you are right, it is helpful. I have done two lessons and I am getting more of a feeling for it already.

I don't use the wordbank, I type in Devanagari. It is a bit laborious in the beginning, but you retain the words much better this way.


I used to subscribe to the mind set that the reverse course is really only useful when you can understand the language conversationally, but I actually find the reverse course can help at any point of the learning process, even absolute beginner. And I agree it helps a lot more with typing too. :)


I agree with you.. I'm going to complete this Hindi reverse tree.. I've been doing the same with the Thai/English.. I never use the wordbank.. Only type in Thai and now can remember how to spell all the vocab with ease.. This would also be a good strategy for learning Arabic ...:)


Such courses would be too technical for me. cough cough cough. Thanks anyways.


Such a great and fun idea. Thank you so much for the tip.


The same applies to youtube video language instruction -- sometimes the lessons for Hindi speakers wanting to learn English are helpful, because they address the English idioms we English speakers have in mind and want to be able to express in Hindi.

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