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"Juba and Dakar"

Translation:جوبا وَداكار

July 12, 2019



How do I know from reading juba that it should a l and not a dash at the top ?


You can only know from how it is pronounced in Arabic and not from how it is written using the Roman alphabet, or if you've memorized the spelling of the word in Arabic.


ok perfect example. why does the "D" in dakar not connect to the alif the way B connects to alif (eg. in Baku) the way it is written is B-alif immediately and then Kuu (these both being attached as well)


The dal (د) never connects to the left


Is وَ and و diffrent?



The وَ is always pronounced as "wa" while the و can be وَ - وِ - وُ - وْ - وّ or other possibilities. In the "Juba" word above, it is وْ (to form a long "uu" vowel) if we put the diacritic but Duolingo doesn't write it down. (Writing the diacritics is optional).

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