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  5. "This cake is not your piece."

"This cake is not your piece."

Translation:Kue ini bukan bagianmu.

July 12, 2019



When to use bukan or when tidak ??


Generally, bukan is used to negate nouns (bukan noun), and tidak to negate verbs/adjectives (tidak verb/adjective).


This sentence is not really spoken in English and is a bit awkward. We would be more likely to say, "This piece of cake is not yours" or "This is not your piece of cake."


I agree entirely with your comment. The Indonesian translation into English makes no sense.


I prefer: This cake is not your business.


The meaning is so unclear in English (and I suspect in Indonesian too). How can we translate either way with such a weird sentence?

“This cake” is not used to indicate a “piece of cake”. “This cake” means a WHOLE cake in this sort of context. If you want to refer to a part/piece/portion/slice of a cake you have to indicate that by changing “this cake” to “this part/piece/portion/slice of cake”. So the sentence should be something like, “This piece of cake is not your piece.”

“This cake is not your share.” might be a valid sensible sentence only in a strange context like the following:

“We have divided up all the leftovers from the party for guests to take home. This cake is not your share. Your share is the plate of cupcakes over there.” (Where “this cake” means a whole undivided cake)

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