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  5. "مِصْر بَلَد قَديم."

"مِصْر بَلَد قَديم."

Translation:Egypt is an old country.

July 12, 2019



Complete ending sounds:

مصرُ بلدٌ قديمٌ

"miSru baladun qadiimun"

Or ...

مصرٌ بلدٌ قديمٌ

"miSrun baladun qadiimun"


Is the "u" one hears added to /misr/ => /misru/ an indication that it's the subject? But how can the audio programme know grammar? I used to think it was a woman, who couldn't help correcting the grammar of the text.


The مصر Egypt may receive tanwin مصرٌ and may not مصرُ. We spell "u" or "un" in the sentence above because "miSr" is in the nominative case. But, I believe that the "u" sound is another audio glitch. For people who try so hard to throw the ending sounds, it is highly possible.


Why not المصر؟

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