Number of lesson and practice feature differ between apps

Hello, my wife and I are using Duolingo but seem to have different versions. Although we can “compete” for leaderboard bragging rights, it seems that my app has far more lessons per topic (sometimes up to 30 lessons) and I have the cool practice feature which goes back and refreshes my mind on past lessons. Her version has fewer lessons per Level and no practice feature. I understand there are A/B testing versions, but I’d like to understand if we indeed have a different amount of lessons to complete per each subject and there to complete the entire program.



July 13, 2019


Yes, that's an A/B test.
Lots of users have complained about 'endless repeating the same sentences" in Crown level 3 and 4.

Third party website will show a clear overview of the amount of lessons per skill in both your accounts.

Go to your personal progress page

July 13, 2019

... practice feature ....

Your wife might have a floating blue "dumbbell" icon in one of the corners on the bottom of the webpage, instead of a "practice" button.

July 13, 2019
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