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  5. "Worf has a book."

"Worf has a book."

Translation:paq ghaj wo'rIv.

July 13, 2019



akin to "pongDaj'e'", would paqDaj (paqDaj'e'?) not work? or would that be "worf's book" (perhaps a book worf has written) instead of "a book that worf has" (perhaps a book worf is holding)? or is -Daj just not used like that?


paqDaj means his/her book. To say Worf's book, you say wo'rIv paq. Neither is a complete sentence.

When one noun possesses another noun, the possessor comes first, followed by the possessed. You don't use possessive suffixes when you do this.


ooohhhh I forgot how possessor/possessed worked, thankyou for responding!


paqDaj ghaj wo'rIv is a legitimate sentence in Klingon, translating to, "Worf has his book." As in English, "his" might refer to Worf or to some other person. In fact, since Klingon -Daj does not specify gender or even life, it could also be "her" or "its".

wo'rIv paq is a legitimate noun phrase, meaning "Worf's book". This is not a complete sentence and does not mean the same as "Worf has a book.". In fact it is quite possible that someone else has Worf's book at the moment and that Worf has someone else's book in this exercise.

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