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  5. "George is French Tunisian."

"George is French Tunisian."

Translation:جورْج تونِسِيّ فَرَنْسِيّ.

July 13, 2019



In Arabic it's called "nisba" ("attribution") to refer to a person's place of origin by putting the suffix -iyy(ah) at the end. Here's a link: http://allthearabicyouneverlearnedthefirsttimearound.com/p1/p1-ch3/the-nisba-adjective/ Hebrew does the same thing, usually called "gentilic," although sometimes the Arabic term nisba is used.


Why on earth does everyone in this Arabic course have to have dual citizenship. Can people not just be Tunisian, or Omani, or Syrian?


It's not necessarily a matter of dual citizenship. It's a matter of background. The nationality closest to the noun is the person's citizenship. The nationality further away is where they or their family have come from originally, perhaps generations ago.


syria and tunisia allow dual citizenship will oman prohibites it

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