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"She regularly reads big books."

Translation:roD paqmey tIn laD ghaH.

July 13, 2019



Couldn't it please be possible to not only have one grammatically and orthographically correct answer but make all three answers possibly fit? Then one really would have to think about which answer is true instead of just see which answer can't be true because of wrong orrhography.

In this case, the answers are/were: 1) roD ti tIn laD ghaH. 2) roD paqmey tIn laD ghaH. 3) roD vetlh tIn laD.

ti does not work, as there is no lower case i in klingon. What is the last one? He regularly reads the big cockroach? But the third can't fit because no books are involved.

What about: 1) roD paqpu' tIn laD ghaH. 2) roD paqmey tIn laD ghaH. 3) roD paqmey mach laD ghaH.

Or changing ghaH with bIH, tlhIH, ... things that make the sentences similar, all right but only one is the right. By this one is forced to think about all answers.


For this kind of multiple choice exercise, the software generates the distractors. There is no way for the contributors to manually create better distractors.

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