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  5. "Lurveng speaks forcefully."

"Lurveng speaks forcefully."

Translation:pe'vIl jatlh lurveng.

July 13, 2019



As I said in my other comment, why would I vary the name in the answers given? There is only one answer with lurveng, with must be the one. That's unsatisfactory.

Again, why not vary the other words? 1) pe'vIl laD lurveng 2) pe'vIl jatlh lurveng 3) pe'vIl HaH lurveng

Or as this is about adverbs, changing them: 1) roD jatlh lurveng 2) pe'vIl jatlh lurveng 3) chaq jatlh lurveng

You get, what I mean.


There are some multiple choice questions the contributors CAN create. It's the kind with single word substitution. So we can create (and in some places have created) exercises similar to what you are talking about. An English translation is not given in those exercises, so we can't just give different verbs or different adverbs, we would have to substitute words that don't even belong there.

But that won't stop the software from creating these ridiculous, easy, and miscapitalized multiple choice exercises.

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